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Fleet wash markets

The traditional markets for truck wash equipment continue to be company owned wash bays. The objective is to wash a large number of vehicles in a convenient location, the company yard. This market segment typically approaches the equipment purchase as an expense rather than an investment. The satisfaction point is commonly described as "fleet wash quality" where the vehicle looks clean from a distance. Municipal fleets (buses and public works) also incorporate wash facilities for convenience but construct facilities via the public bidding process. This process has created manufacturers with similar systems where the only competitive advantage is price, creating little incentive for real innovation.

The manufacturers today have built their systems so cheap and simple as a one size fits all system to cater to the existing fleet markets thus this equipment simply is not capable of cleaning a diverse large vehicle market and produce near hand washing quality which is demanded by the user.

The old cliche "what's cheap is expensive" is true as experience has shown what is cheap to buy is typically poor quality and often expensive to operate. Capital costs are a one time cost whereas operating costs are there for the life of the system.

Truck Wash Technologies offers the consumer an alternative solution using advanced technologies that offers a lower cost of ownership while providing superior cleaning performance.

  • Industry solutions
    • Specialty applications
      • Poultry trucks
      • Vehicle decontamination
    • Fleet wash applications
      • Dry vans
      • Bulk carriers and tankers
      • Construction vehicles

Commercial wash market

What is mind boggling is that in the 21st century the majority of commercial washing of large trucks is still being done manually. If one looks at our car wash counterparts the "automated for profit wash model" has existed since the first car wash was built. The contrary is true in the large vehicle wash industry since to date no manufacturer has built an automated system that can wash commercial vehicles to near hand wash quality consistently; employing minimal labour and capable of commercial profitability and be scalable.

The commercial for profit truck wash system is unique because the technology is a basis for a service business. Without suitable equipment there is no business and even with the right equipment; without an operational and service model you put your self at great risk of failure.

Truck Wash Technologies has discovered the "missing links" to achieve the near hand wash quality benchmark required for success in the commercial, for- profit truck wash market. Combined with a proven operational and service model we have the elements to take commercial washing to new heights. Our goal has always been to produce cleaner vehicles with more consistency and in the process minimize operating costs to offer the operator the best chance to be profitable and offer the consumer an economical, time saving wash alternative. Although we cannot verify that we are the only company in the industry that understands the problem it is pretty evident that we are the only one doing something about it.