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Truck Wash Technologies

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New Products

Truck Wash Technologies has been focusing on developing new innovative technologies in an industry that has seen little technological change in 40-years. Extensive research and development, working models and forging key alliances in recent years has resulted in creating vehicle wash solutions never seen before in the automated large vehicle wash industry.

It's about time that truck washing came of age: for the customer, operator and the investor.

We have been referred to as one of the true visionaries in this industry. We take the time to educate the customer about vehicle washing so they can make informed decisions. We are going to tell you what you need to hear and not necessarily what you want to hear.

Due to our focus on developing commercial for profit wash model we approach all truck washing as an investment not a commodity. Therefore our approach with all clients reflects this because we offer a system with lower cost of ownership while producing superior cleaning results.


  • Consulting services
  • Equipment design and manufacturing
  • Systems integration

  • Drive through wash systems
  • Roll-over gantry type wash systems

  • Traditional fleet wash applications
  • Custom wash applications
  • Commercial for profit wash applications