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About Us

Truck Wash Technologies Inc. is a Canadian company established in 1999 to provide custom designs for the automated large vehicle washing equipment industry. We have been focusing on developing new innovative technologies in an industry that has seen little technological change in 40 years. Extensive research and development, building working models, and forging key alliances in recent years has resulted in creating vehicle wash solutions never seen before in the automated large vehicle wash industry.

TWT’s objective is to build the right vehicle wash system that precisely meets each customer’s needs: a system that is flexible and user-friendly, while consistently performing above that of the status quo. Every wash system is designed to effectively minimize ongoing operating costs for which an above average return on investment is realized. With 20 year of experience, we put great efforts into educating clients so they can make informed decisions.


"To meet your customers' cleaning needs with our expertise by providing vehicle wash solutions hitherto unseen in the industry."


  • Equipment design and manufacturing

  • Consulting services

  • Systems integration

  • Software development

  • Project management



  • Traditional fleet wash applications

  • Commercial for-profit wash applications

  • Biosecurity

  • Custom wash applications

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