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For-profit Wash Applications

An Untapped Market

Historically, automated truck washing has not been able to achieve the benchmark of near-hand-wash quality required to be viable in a commercial setting. Paying customers, such as owner-operators, demand a higher standard of quality for their investment-on-wheels. Automation has been relegated to the world of in-house fleet washing, where “good enough” wash quality is acceptable.

A Truck Wash System for the 21st Century

Using innovative technology, our approach to washing is a game-changer. Using advanced touchless automation, our gantry-style system can adapt to a wide variety of truck shapes and mud levels/types, and provides consistent, quality results. Our systems use an advanced water recycling and solids management system, meaning they consume drastically less water, thereby reducing associated costs and environmental impact.


  • Flexible automation can be tailored for each customer’s needs, from quick undercarriage-only washes to all-out, “leave no dirt behind” washes.

  • Wash any type of vehicle, from pickup truck to super-B tanker to oilfield service rig

  • Whether customers have a light dusting of road film or 5000 lbs of mud from off-road service during spring thaw, our system can handle it and maintain consistent wash quality.

  • Employs minimal labour

  • We conduct a full feasibility study for every project, so you can launch your operation with confidence



In the livestock hauling industry, to prevent the spread and disease and to comply with regulations, consistent, thorough washing of trucks is a must. Our systems can be custom tailored for your specific biosecurity washing requirements. With our advanced automation, it takes human error and negligence out of the equation.



Our versatile wash technology is well suited for industrial applications where automated washing is a part of the manufacturing process. From metal finishing of custom-built trailers to advanced part washing, there are many applications where our unique combination of shape scanning, dynamic wash contouring, and repeatability create the perfect solution.


Our expertise in wash technologies is not limited to standard truck washing. If you have a need for any kind of specialized, automated washing, we are your go-to source for feasibility study, custom engineering and building of your system. Contact us today to discuss how you imagine advanced washing might be part of your process.


Fleet Washing

Our advanced washing systems offer custom solutions tailored for fleets with specialized washing needs. Our leading-edge technologies allow our systems to be taught how to wash a vehicle, a progressive automated solution that replicates manual washing.

Best suited for complex cleaning applications, our systems excel where cleaning is an integral part of day to day operations and where harsh chemicals are used and there is a need to minimize employee exposure.

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