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For more basic wash applications, we offer a fresh approach to the traditional drive-through truck wash. Our system includes many new and innovative designs that improve cleaning and reduce operating costs. 

Using the same high-quality engineering and automation as our Gantry-Style system, we employ a combination of touch and touchless washing techniques for superior cleaning results.


  • Lower cost of ownership

  • Quality cleaning

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Customizable to meet unique application needs

Combination Cleaning

Tractor brushes.jpg


Our brushes represent the latest advancements in foam brush technology. They clean well and are less aggressive thus safer on surfaces and projections like mirrors, aerials etc.

TRuck i bay at tubos IA.jpg


Employing both high-volume and high-pressure sprays, our design utilizes multiple valved spray bars to systematically spray the front, top, sides and rear of the vehicle. The systematic approach maximizes cleaning power, while maintaining the vision of the driver.

Chassis and lower detail sprays.jpg

Underchassis Sprays

Ensure that the underside of customers' vehicles are cleaned using our floor-mounted, high-pressure nozzles.

Chemical Performance

Since chemistry plays a crucial role in the cleaning process, we've designed our drive-through system to maximize effectiveness of chemicals to reduce your overall costs:

  • Hot water is available at chemical spray nozzles on-demand, greatly improving cleaning performance on a molecular level. This also ensures that each truck receives hot water chemical application, regardless of the interval between trucks.

  • Optimized spray patterns to address more heavily soiled areas.

  • Strategic placement of arches to optimize chemical dwell time.

Hot water heater.jpg
Water softener and heater.jpg

Soft Water

Hard water not only undermines the effectiveness of chemical agents, but also reduces the ability of high-pressure sprays to lift and carry away bonded surface dirt. By selecting the appropriate water softening solution, our systems take care of this issue.

Picture 013.jpg

Finishing Rinse

The final rinse in a wash removes any residual impurities from previous phases in the process. Softened water can be used as standard, or optionally select our R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) arch for a final rinse that dries spot-free.

Picture 047.jpg

High-Speed Doors

High-speed doors are used at both ends of the wash bay, which minimizes the wind tunnel effect. This eliminates the need for chemical sprays to overcome wind by increasing flow which in turn reduces chemical costs.


Recycled Water Management

Using the same advanced approach as we do for our gantry-style system, our patented design revolutionizes water and solids management and eliminates the need for large settling pits, and the disadvantages associated with them.

Eliminate the high costs associated with a pump truck removal service with our environmentally-friendly solution: treat water for reuse or safe, minimal discharge to sewer, and low-cost disposal of clean solids to a landfill site.

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